The PB Culture

There is a growing body of empirical evidence that a values-based organisational culture drives business performance and delivers higher levels of employee engagement – and ultimately winning results.

We help organisations define, create and nurture their PB Culture, where everyone is aware of their own, and others’ unique blend of strengths and values and how they contribute to the goals of the organisation, both key elements of the PB Mindset.

We have an intuitive four-step approach to guide you through ensuring your PB Culture is aligned with your business needs and delivers sustainable organisational change.

A PB Culture ensures things get done efficiently and to a high standard by your organisation and enables you to adapt swiftly and capably to the ever-changing competitive landscape. Our PB Method then provides the skills for your people to lead the necessary transformations, not just once, but continuously and sustainably.

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Some Benefits of the PB Culture

Improved Performance
A study across 19,000 employees, in 34 organisations and 19 countries, linked a 36.4% improvement in performance with focussing on strengths in appraisals. A focus on weaknesses – the more usual way to do appraisals – was linked to a 26.8% decline in performance. (Corporate Leadership Council 2002)

Increased Engagement
Through analysis of over one million work teams, it was found that 3 in 4 staff (73%) were engaged when leaders focused on strengths, only 1 in 11 (9%) when the focus was on weaknesses. (Rath and Conchie 2008)

We can help you introduce a culture of playing to strengths, improving performance and engagement.