The PB Mindset Programme

The PB MindsetWe were hired to support the newly formed Business Solutions team within BAE Applied Intelligence develop a strong team spirit, construct a collective goal that energised them, that they could all get behind and move towards powerfully.

We took them through our PB Mindset: how to recognise and play to their own, each others’ and the team’s strengths; support them to define sub-team and main team Gold Medals; and find an inspiring and exciting way to construct – and stretch for – a series of PBs leading to those Golds.



Quotes from the team

“The PB Mindset Programme provides a way for everyone to see how they can make a difference, however “stuck” they feel at the start”

“A great way to learn more about yourself, your team, and how to be more effective”

“Helping to lift the fog of decision making”

“Supporting and encouraging goal achievement through a logical and simple process”

“Enlightening and challenging the status quo”

“Enabling teams and team members to become successful”


“Great way of changing perspective and starting to grow internationally”

“A great day!”

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