Doing Ch>nge Tod>y when a change project is underway

We are often asked about whether it is worth launching Ch>nge Tod>y before, or during a Change Project, or is it better to wait till it’s over?

Our feeling is that it is most effective to do it just as, or during, an actual Change Project. That’s because:

1) Participants can bring the change programme – or any aspect of it – into the workshops and work on it individually or together as a team, applying the skills focussed on to a live example. This ensures:

  • The learning is sharply relevant. Because participants are working on something that is urgent and current, there is complete transfer from the workshop to real life.
  • The team get a shared vocabulary for skills they are actually using, so can hone their deployment of them together in the real world following the workshop. They become expert, quickly.
  • The learning and skills increase the likelihood that the change will work.

2) As the programme progresses, the team can match the module delivered to the latest challenge in the change programme. This means participants experience just-in-time training e.g. the project is stalling because of difficulties in recruiting sufficient support from business partners: time for Influencing Stakeholders. All the benefits in 1) are realised, at a heightened level.

3) The team will develop the assurance that as they encounter difficulties implementing the Change Programme, they will be introduced to creative and novel ways forward. As a result, their resilience, tenacity and confidence will increase – further enhancing the likelihood that the change programme will deliver for the business.

More details on Ch>nge Tod>y here.  If you would like to know more, please email Paul Barker at

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